Import from another headless CMS?

I’m currently using Cockpit CMS as my headless CMS, as at the time it was built, repeater fields were not available in Strapi and that was a hard requirement.

At this time, Strapi has outpaced Cockpit in maturity and features and I would like to make the switch, however my Cockpit instance is fairly complex as entries have relationships with other entries (collections in Cockpit language).

Any resources on how to import or has anyone built an importer?

We don’t currently but were just having this conversation internally. Migration is a very tricky process, though entirely possible.

For the moment I would suggest handling this by hand by building out the model structure and doing a lot of testing before pulling the trigger on a hard migration. Eventually we do plan to build out tooling to help users with migrating but there is a lot the Strapi project needs to do before this.

We prefer to do things clean and correct instead of fast and messy :wink: