In strapi v4, is it possible to have 2 database.js configuration files, one for local development and the other for production?

In strapi 3 (specifically, 3.6.11), it’s possible to have 2 (and maybe more?) database.js configuration files, one for local development, where you use e.g. sqlite, and the other for production. Specifically, you can place the local database configuration under config/database.js and the production database configuration under config/env/production/database.js, which would be used if you set the environment variable NODE_ENV=production. This is nice because I don’t have to change any code after deployment to production. I’d to do the same thing in Strapi v4 (specifically, v4.15.5, which I’m trying to migrate to from version 3.6.11).

Is this this possible? If yes, how? How should my local and production databases configs look like?

This would not be necessary if the local and production setups were exactly the same except for values, which can be set through environment variables. However, this is not the case, because sqlite configurations usually require a file name, while PostgreSQL config don’t, etc.