Installing Strapi w/ Postgres on AWS

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Hi, I’m new to this and I am trying to install Strapi on AWS via EC2, RDS Postgres, and S3. I have been following the guide here AWS Deployment - Strapi Developer Documentation

But I get to this point and get stuck

Use the following command to start pm2:

cd ~
pm2 start ecosystem.config.js
Your Strapi project should now be available on http://your-ip-address:1337/.

I’m using AWS free tier, and my EC2 public IP is
But I have a feeling many free accounts are sharing this IP, so when I go to I am seeing nothing

Wondering if anybody can help me out?

Update: OK so I managed to figure out that I am missing Nginx, so I installed that on Ubuntu Server and I am seeing that on now.

However, as the guide is saying I still can’t seem to access Strapi at

Still looking for a solution to this, port 1337 is not available for me on AWS. Any help is greatly appreciated