Integrating components as a required field with the content type builder

System Information
  • 3.2.5:
  • Docker:
  • MongoDB:
  • v12.13.0:
  • 6.12.0:
  • 1.19.1:

First time posting here, so please forgive me if I’m in the wrong place. My team just implemented a content type that includes several components. We’ve noticed that validation on required components seems a bit buggy.
Our content manager discovered that, if they click the reset field (trash can icon) for the component and attempt to save a draft before publishing, the system fails silently. Unlike the validation on (non component) required fields there’s no error message for the user to act on. Note if the component field is present (has not been reset) but is left empty, validation on it works.
Has anyone else in the community experienced this or had to work around it?
(Edit: This is on a repeatable component where the user is required to create exactly 3 entries)

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Did you get a reply to this, or is this still an issue?

It’s still an issue and it’s very hard to understand who decided to have it working like that.