Integration with Okta

I am newbie to Strapi and would like to check if Strapi Admin users login via Okta? it seems a SSO feature is under consideration for EE edition, I wanted to find out if community has come across any alternate until feature is released under EE.

We just released the SSO option today which does allow for Okta integration but it’s only for EE Gold licenses. You can find more information in this thread:

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I’m having issues with Okta SSO integration in the new v4 release - it works fine in v3 and I’ve ported over relevant configuration to v4 but the UI stalls with the spinning wheel after the login.

I’ve debugged the network traffic and added logging to the server-side, and I can see that the event of successful login (onConnectionSuccess) is fired and that a JWT is set in a cookie, but then it just stalls on “admin/auth/login/success” and nothing more happens. Manually changing the URL back to “/admin” just redirects me to the login page again.

Any suggestions on what it could be?

We are aware of some issues with auth providers both in users-permissions and SSO for Gold license users.

Some fixes should be coming in v4.0.1 shortly