Internationalization: Connecting to a Translation Service

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I am very new to Strapi; I’m in the process of evaluating options for a headless CMS to go with a new Next.js website. One of our requirements is translating our website into over 20 languages. We currently use a translation service (Smartling) and I’d like to be able to integrate it with our chosen CMS. From the little bit I’ve played around with Strapi, it appears you can set up locales and then manually enter content for each locale/language, but this would be too manual a process for our required workflow. Ideally, we’d add default (English) content, which would then get ingested by Smartling, translated by the service, then added back to the CMS automatically as alternate versions for the various locales/languages.

Is there a way to connect Strapi to a translation service to a) automatically submit content (in the default locale/language) for translation and b) retrieve translated content from the translation service for delivery via the Strapi API? Am I approaching this in the wrong way? Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

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Hi @Jevans, that isn’t possible yet in Strapi. But you could create a custom plugin which integrates Smartling to setup auto translation.