Internationalization plug in and way to make language dropdown "sticky"?

I am converting an online game to use Strapi to allow translators to login and create multiple langauges and variations of the game. There will be 10 languages x 6 versions of the game, so 60 basic data sets!

It is difficult that every time we change a page, the dropdown switches back to the default language. I want them to be able to change the language, and have it stay that way. Either as an option when they login, or that the dropdown stays on the same language, until they change the dropdown again.

The way it is now they may change the dropdown once, switch pages, and start editing the wrong language on the next page.

Has anyone done this? Or can you think of a way to change the plug-in to accomodate this idea?

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Internationalization (often shortened to i18n, i.e. the ‘18’ is meant to be read as a Roman numeral “1” and “8” ) is the process of decoupling an application from a particular language or culture. This often involves translating text into another language, but may also involve adapting the application for a specific culture, such as by using Right-to-left writing in an appropriate context.

You could create a injectContentManagerComponent and add this to app.js - from that point (react component) you are free to go as you like.
The simplest but maybe not cleanest solution would be to monitor the url and enforce the same language via url.

However: There might be a better solution by using things that useCMEditViewDataManager or something like that might be offer you for your demand. :slight_smile:

Another option could be to use the famous/infamous patch-package and create a patched version of your current strapi-version and overwriting the redirect after saving an entity there.