I’m new with Strapi and I would like to know what’s the best way to implement internationalization.
Is it possible to get something like this in the response :

“title”: {
“en”: “title in english”,
“fr”: “title in french”

Thank you !

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Hey @schartrand welcome :wave:,

Content internationalization is a feature the core team is currently working on. Checkout the productboard card (currently in In Progress (design)).

As suggested in the past (#5166 comment) a way to achieve this could be to have:

one field title_fr and another title_en to manage your different values.

This will result in a different response, but you could create a custom controller that merges those different fields to one field with different language keys, to achieve your example.

Also checkout this issue for the feature request: #1507

Hope this helps!


Any update? Almost 2 years waiting for this feature :smiley:

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Hi @CKGrafico :wave:,

I do believe the ETA is the end of Q1, so it should be released this month.
(Pinging @DMehaffy to officially confirm this.)

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Are we sure this feature will be deployed in March?
How could we manage this without this feature?

No @vokvince, I’m not :wink:, that’s why I mentioned @DMehaffy (a Strapi employee) to officially confirm it. I do believe it will be very soon, there is a lot of activity on/into the features/i18n branch on the main repo.

You could manage it in the way I mentioned above, by using a field per language, something like title_fr and title_en. This however still needs a lot of custom logic and ‘merging’ in the controllers. This is probably not going to be compatible with the new plugin/feature, so totally not worth spending time on so close before the new feature release.

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Yes we are still on schedule to release the I18N feature by the end of March (Q1) and most likely there will be a public beta within the next two weeks (exact date is not confirmed).


Will the new Content Internationalization feature be working with the XLIFF standard and xlf files? Thanks.

Hey @revolistic,

Because Strapi uses JSON and not XML, I don’t think this will be the case.

Not in this case, it will be based on a model structure, I’ll have more information once we release the public beta later this month

We are really looking forward to this feature. Would be great if it would be easy to integrate with the Angular i18n: Angular

It will be easy to integrate with all frontend frameworks, that’s what we at Strapi are all about!

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I just wanted to check in what the current status is. When can we expect this feature to land?
I’m going to start working on a rather complex project this April, where Internationalization is a must-have.

I’ve seen that there’s a lot of activity on the i18n branch, so it seems you are working really hard towards this :rocket:


Public beta/experimental build hopefully this week, however the stable version release is being pushed to ensure proper QA. We don’t have an exact stable release date but it will be in April, most likely before or during StrapiConf.


Awesome, well done!
Will it be possible to make existing model fields multilingual? (I don’t need to do a DB migration, I can just start with a new one)

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Yes entirely possible

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Hi DMehaffy,
any update on beta build?


Hi DMehaffy,
can you please share link for the beta version?


I did up above, that thread tells you how to run a test beta project. We do not recommend updating existing projects with the beta version.