Introducing the API Documentation (Swagger) Plugin

Today we are thrilled to release our freshly developed API Documentation Plugin 🔥 and let's face it, it has been a while since we have released a new plugin for Strapi.

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I’ve tried to follow the steps in this Introducing, But I’m stuck In the overriding, It seems like creating the new folder (overrides) and the new file (.json) to have any effect on the documentation, I’ve clicked on the regenerate button and I’ve restarted the server, but nothing changes, the API Documentation stays the same.

Is there any solution that can help me ?

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Hello , I’m new to Strapi … documentations generates json schema and uses them with swagger, How can I generate such shemas ?

or maybe access the utility used in documentation plugin

I have same problem. I think the plugin is not regenerate completely all files because files changing but LAST GENERATED date is not change in admin panel.

Hello, tried the last version but still had no chance to document a custom endpoint for a plugin. Is there any info about this or is it a work in progress? Thx!