Is it best practice to store media URLs in the database?

We’re using this plugin to upload media in our strapi instance running in cloud run on docker. It works great, however, I’m finding that it stores the bucket url to the media in the database. I was assuming that it would only just store the path of the bucket in the database, rather than the whole URL. That way if we wanted to migrate to another bucket for some reason (yes we’re migrating to another bucket as we speak), we could just copy the contents of the bucket over to the new one and update the prefix, and the URLs would all stay the same.

So i’m just wondering if this is best practice. From what I’ve seen (with the exception of local upload) the other upload plugins do the same thing.

Am I missing something or do i just need to configure something differently?

In my research, I found this old github issue that references some outdated code if that’s helpful.