Is it possible to create a collaborative platform with Strapi?


I want to set up a platform with Strapi and I plan to set up a frontend with React.
I would like to know if Strapi has the features to implement my project. I would like to have a content management system with all the rights for the administrator.

And in frontend I want to set up forms so that visitors can post articles or modify existing pages. I would like these modifications to be considered as drafts so that the administrator can act as a moderator. What do you think about this? Is this feasible in the current state of Strapi?

Thanks in advance

Yup this id definitely possible but it will require some coding and bending. Afaik you can’t really create this just by clicking around in the admin panel.

Do you know of any documentation about this or tutorials presenting something similar to what I want?

Hello ! Up, can someone help me ?


Sorry, this forum didn’t notify my about your messages.

Unfortunately, no I don’t know about any. These are some smaller pieces you may find valuable: