Is it possible to run Strapi RESTAPI on AWS EC2 free tier?

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Hi! I’m new to Strapi and want to know is it possible to run strapi on AWS EC2 free tier? It’s called t2.micro and it only provide CUI enviroment I think.
I check some basic strapi tutorial and found out that it require GUI envroment. So… is it impossible to setup RESTAPI using strapi on AWS free tier?

I don’t think so. I remember trying to run Strapi v3 across several servers like Heroku and EC2. My experience is that it Strapi doesn’t run on low-tier servers.

But that might be also because of how much I had extended the backend.

But I think you should try still, v4 might be even lighter.

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@user1004 & @Izuorah_Dubem why dont you try Railway you have 5$/month free usage and if you verify with card you get 10$, your app never sleeps and server auto scale with demand, also you have database you want: MySQL, PostgresSQL, Redis, MongoDB.

im “spending” 3$ with strapi and Postgres and strapi is running cron jobs every 1-2 minutes

i found it my self last week and so far I’m extremely satisfied

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