Is it possible to use Blackblaze as S3 storage?

I couldn’t find ay information if Blackblaze can be used as a replacement for AWS S3…
Does anybody know?

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Hi there :slight_smile: @tenzan don’t think there is any official support for it but you could always make a plugin for it. I’m going to guess when V4 arrives this will then be easier to do as well for plugins etc.

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Thanks a lot for your reply :wink:

Hello everyone Im also looking for information about this.
Is it possible to use BackBlaze B2 as AWS S3 storage.

acording to this info on github:

you can as @ MaheshCasiraghi says “uploading assets to Backblaze B2 S3 API, through the @strapi/provider-upload-aws-s3 plugin.” you just need to update " Security Middleware Configuration" as described here:

I still didnt test it but hope i will this week.

my question is did anyone try it?? and if they did, would they be willing to share tutorial for rest of us.

also my 2nd question is did someone manage to do all of this over CloudFlare? as if you use cloudflare for your cdn you dont pay any traffic to cloudflare and to backblaze, and you only pay for storage to backblaze that is 0,005$/GB

also here is how to setup Backblaze S3 Compatible API

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