Is my Admin Url easy to find (despite customization)?

Hello Guys,

I’ve customized my admin url (not “my_strapi/admin” some random like “my_strapi/le4x4s3p6awd328y”).

My question: is it still easy to find?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mingxi

In theory no, it should not be easy to find. This type of work-a-round is called Security through Obscurity, it’s useful against humans but not against bots.

Ideally though the security of our Admin panel means that security through obscurity shouldn’t be needed. Is there a reason you are going this route?

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Hi @DMehaffy ,

a brute force attack could be a threat, I imagine, or it will stress my server. I am not so sure though.

If I had more free time, I’d like to link every 404 page to a fake login page, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. :grin:

Best regards!

No problem :slight_smile: