Is social auth still feasible in strapi?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.5
  • Operating System:linux 22
  • Database: mysql
  • Node Version: 16^
  • NPM Version: 8^
  • Yarn Version:

Hi Team,

I’m trying to implement the social auth providers in strapi.(Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn to be specific). I tried to follow the official docs of strapi but it seems that we have outdated procedure on the implementation which lead me to think if its still feasible to implement with strapi?

If possible can we have a check on this topic with updated implementation procedure and release a deom/blog with the proper flow of implementation as the internet also does not have the proper information on it. This will help many other developers as when I tried to search the internet all the blogs and videos available are outdated. The strapi youtube channel also does not have the proper tutorial or implementation flow with the updated method/flow.


There is currenty a pr in the works Feature: ability to add custom auth providers in plugin by EloB · Pull Request #15559 · strapi/strapi · GitHub and an artical is being writen about how to do it with out the pr [SUBMIT] Article about how to add a custom provider to Strapi 4 · Issue #1108 · strapi/community-content · GitHub

hi boegie19,

Y are we working on custom auth providers if we already have built in support for almost all the social networks that provide authentication services. I think we just need to check the implementation flow of all those providers with updated procedure and update the docs aswell.

Hello @Pawan_Bansari :slight_smile: Did you see this example: strapi-examples/login-react at master · strapi/strapi-examples · GitHub ?

Hi PierreNoel Thanks for sharing this great example. I recently figured out how the authentication is done. I was stuck with Twitter auth actually because it uses oauth 1.0 flow and I was trying 2.0 flow. Also the main difficulty I faced was because the steps mentioned in the docs are not to the mark with updated flows of listed providers. Thats where it got challenging. Anyways, now I’m trying to build custom providers where I can do authentication and also grab every possible details from the social platform but still stuck.
Thanks for reaching out though :slightly_smiling_face:

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