Is Strapi a good choice for us to build content marketing solution for a marketplace?

Hi Strapi users,

We are a mini-marketplace platform allowing sellers to sell niche products. Right now we allow our sellers to list their product – we have our own backend and did not use strapi for this.

Now, we want to further offer our seller to write their blogs (so that they can do their content marketing for their store). Here is my question:

  1. is this something that strapi can support in a quite out-of-box way? (if that’s a lot of work, then we would rather to develop our own backend to support it. I see two challenges here:

      1. strapi may not support multiple tenancy / mulitple users (it primarily serve single user blogging);
      1. even I may twist the multiple users in the backend, I am not sure how much front-end integration work it needs for this.
  2. (this is not a must) if the above is doable in a rather out-of-box way, would commenting be easily supported?