Is Strapi a good choice for us to build content marketing solution for a marketplace?

Hi Strapi users,

We are a mini-marketplace platform allowing sellers to sell niche products. Right now we allow our sellers to list their product – we have our own backend and did not use strapi for this.

Now, we want to further offer our seller to write their blogs (so that they can do their content marketing for their store). Here is my question:

  1. is this something that strapi can support in a quite out-of-box way? (if that’s a lot of work, then we would rather to develop our own backend to support it. I see two challenges here:

      1. strapi may not support multiple tenancy / mulitple users (it primarily serve single user blogging);
      1. even I may twist the multiple users in the backend, I am not sure how much front-end integration work it needs for this.
  2. (this is not a must) if the above is doable in a rather out-of-box way, would commenting be easily supported?


Yeah! That great for all…
Nice Idea…

For Content, the best solution would be for someone to build their own content management tools or the manually.
If this isn’t a viable option, Concrete5
offers a good drag-and-drop style content management tool.
We rank our products in products & for content also.
Ecommerce businessman gets lots help from that.
To learn “how to write content that ranks” then follow this to understand about ranking keyword & about user experience or all other things.

Yeah! That’s fantastic for everyone…
This is a great idea…

The greatest answer for content management would be for someone to create their own content management tools or do it manually.
strapi is a nice drag-and-drop style content management application if this isn’t a realistic alternative.
We rank our products both in terms of products and content.
That is really beneficial to ecommerce entrepreneurs.
To learn “how to develop content that ranks #1,” read on to learn about keyword ranking, user experience, and other topics.

If you’re still looking to integrate a content marketing solution for your marketplace, Strapi can be a good choice. It offers flexibility and customization options for backend development

Strapi can be a great choice for your content marketing solution. It offers a flexible and customizable backend that can support various use cases.
While Strapi primarily serves single-user blogging, with some tweaks, you can potentially support multiple users and enable them to write blogs for their stores. As for front-end integration, it may require some work, but Strapi provides a robust API that can be easily integrated. Regarding comments, it’s possible to implement that feature as well. By the way, if you’re interested in optimizing your website’s SEO, you might find this enterprise SEO audit report helpful. It provides 24 points to check for better optimization.

I think that for e-commerce exactly Strapi is the outstanding CMS, because no need to know anything about the backend. That’s the main and other features are shown well at the use cases As for the content marketing, my lovely feature is the Strapi v4 - api video uploader. Because, I read a few years ago abt the product explanation video production and, since that time I’ve been elaborating product videos as much as possible to web-content with the v4. Well, the conversion rate is notably (nearly 1,5 - 2 times) higher for the product categories with the videos. BTW such pages (i.e. with video) are ranked higher in SEO, as they fall into discover serp results and also have better CTR in context ads.