Is Strapi Cloud overriding the upload provider?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.7+
  • Operating System: Strapi Cloud
  • Database: PG
  • Node Version: 18

I’ve been playing with Strapi Cloud the past week and am very excited about it! It’s great not having to worry about the infrastructure/deployment environment.

That said, my project was configured to use Cloudinary as the image hosting solution. Everything works in the local environment, though when deployed to Strapi Cloud, it seems that this is being overwritten to use a Strapi Cloud mandating configuration.

While it’s great that the Pro Plan offers 100GB of file storage, I’m unclear on why it would be mandated that this get used? I’m unable to find documentation explaining this. Is there something I’m missing?

@Sebastian_Scholl Seems to me like an issue with an env being overwriten please make a ticket for this using the strapi cloud help button. since strapi cloud does not get any suport via any other channels

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Thanks! I was assuming it was by design since the files were uploading successfully.