Is Strapi suitable for lots of User centric relational data?

I love Strapi for prototyping app backends and supplying content based data to frontends and jamstack sites / apps.

But, is strapi still a good choice if the use case involves a lot of interaction data which is user centric?


  • A courseware app where users enrol on courses, complete lessons and goals which are stored against a profile
  • A booking system where resources are managed and booked by users who have accounts

I’m keen on strapi but want to be careful not to try and shoehorn it into a use case it doesn’t work. My alternative in these situations would be to put Prisma in front of Postgres.


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I have the same question too. I am not sure how the relations are manages in Strapi side. For example if we want to give ability to the users to follow each other when we have a lot of users. Is there any stress test available for strapi?

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I am very interested in this topic, too.
Asking myself if strapi is as performant as just a plain postgres integration… :thinking:
Or does strapi add a lot of stuff around it which leads to slow requests if the database grows?
@danfascia and @Majid_Hojati did you find out more?