Is there a one liner docker command that can run strapi?

I want to view the admin panel of strapi, just to get up and running wondering if there is a nice one-liner docker command?

(don’t want to create a docker compose if I don’t have too)

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Not unless you’ve built a container, we don’t build our own docker images. To see why: Docker | Strapi Documentation

They don’t appear to publish images

  1. You’ll have to build an image with the code (dockerfile)
  2. when you add content-types, strapi writes code to the filesystem, so you’ll want a volume mount if you want to persist the changes to your repo

What I’m doing is

  1. dev: create a strapi project like any other JS/TS project, run a Node container mounting in the appropriate volumes.
  2. prd: do a yarn build and a multi-stage container build

If you want to just kick the tires, I’d recommend skipping docker and just running

  1. npx create-strapi-app@beta my-project --quickstart --typescript
  2. follow their getting started to see how strapi writes out files (Quick Start Guide - Strapi Developer Docs | Strapi Documentation)