Is there a plugin to push content to production cms?

A client requested to add a feature to our strapi so they can create content on the staging version and push it to production when it’s approved so they don’t have to repeat the work and create the same content on production manually.

I was thinking of developing a plugin that’s just a simple button that can be added to content types to push the existing content to the production strapi with the help of the rest api.

But i was wondering if something like this already exists as it’s probably a feature that several projects would find useful.
Is there already an existing plugin for this? If not, am I thinking in the right direction or is there an easier way to solve this?

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The problem is stuff like relations, so if you do that you probably gonna need to have both ways a sender and a receiver

But injection zones are the one you can do add button quite easily

This is pretty much what the native Data Transfer feature is.

But then you do it from the CLI, instead of from the CMS

also, be mindful of all the media relationships that are created :exploding_head: