Is there a way to disable basic auth from admin login page?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I successfully implemented Azure AD SSO and this auth is now available on admin login page. But is there a way to disable basic username/password authentication from admin panel, and leave only SSO auth enabled ?

I would like to only give my users the option to sign in with their microsoft account.

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go to user-permissions providers and disable email

Thank you for your reply.
I disabled email in user permission providers settings, but I still can login with email/password in admin login page:

I would like to completely remove the email/password input UI if possible.

did you do yarn build/npm run build?

Hi @Skwall I don’t currently see an enterprise license under your email address that is generally required for our SSO feature. If you have an enterprise license can you please email

If you implemented this yourself, I’m sorry but support cannot be provided for something that is a conflict of interest to Strapi’s business model here, you are surely within your rights to custom develop something but please keep in mind that if you modified the code contained within:

You do have to comply with the license contained within: strapi/LICENSE at main · strapi/strapi · GitHub

Hi @DMehaffy, we do have a 1-month enterprise license key that was provided to our manager by Strapi in order to test Azure AD SSO. This is not a custom implementation. The mail adress linked to this licence must be the one of my manager, not mine, as I was not in touched with Strapi sales department directly.

Ok, I’ll mail the support then, thanks :slight_smile: