Is there a way to embed strapi dashboard into the already existing app?

Hey guys,
My question is, is there a chance to embed the strapi dashboard into my react app. Like if a user goes to /cms route, he will get a strapi dashboard editor and, from that page, he can edit everything.

One of my ideas is to redirect him to the strapi admin dashboard link, but I would like to skip over the re-authentication part because he had to authorize previously into the RJS app. Also, there’s an idea that I could somehow use the strapi editor UI in my react app - but by reading the docs I’m not sure that’s possible.

Any ideas?

Hi, I have basically the exact same use case of embedding the Strapi dashboard into and existing react app. Did you ever figure this out?

I have similar idea. Map my app ACL to Strapi ACL and let users edit content in strapi without leaving the main app.