Is there an ETA when Strapi v5 would be released?

I don’t find any information about when it will be released.
Specially important for us, as we currently having v4 running and in the Project will given to another team for Maintenance.
So some kind of ETA (like Q3 2024) would be helpful to maybe introduce the next Team for upcoming changes.
Another thing is, how much/long will v4 still be supported when v5 is released?

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To my knowledge the first beta version should be out in 2 a 3 weeks and after that alteast 2 a 3 months of testing before full release about suport for v4

committed to 12 months of bug fixes for Strapi v4 after v5 launches as well as an additional 6 months of security patches (meaning a total of 18 months of continued support for Strapi v4 after v5 launches).