Is there any feasibility or plugin available just like "WooCommerce UPS Shipping"?

Hello All,

I m in development and migrating my Wordpress project into NodeJs as backend using Strapi with ReactJS.
But I have a situation that i want to replicate “WooCommerce UPS Shipping” charge calculator in my website which i didn’t found in Strapi.

Does anyone have done this before to add Wordpress plugin into Strapi?
OR Anyone have any alternative to achieve this using Strapi or any other way to have Shipping Charge calculator just like “WooCommerce UPS Shipping”?


Anyone have update on this?

One option is to leverage the UPS API directly in your Node.js backend. You can make API calls to retrieve shipping rates and integrate them into your website’s logic. Another option could be to search for Node.js packages or libraries that provide shipping calculation functionality. Since you mentioned migrating from WordPress, have you considered reaching out to woocommerce development service for assistance? They might have experience in integrating similar functionalities into different platforms like Strapi. They could guide you with the best approach to achieve your goal.

Thanks, @MarvinMeyer for responding. I have integrated the NodeJS API now which is now provided by the UPS developer KIT.