Issue while creating user

Hi i cannot create user in production, it says email already exists. i can’t figure out the issues?

Is that error for any email address?

Try to create an user with another email, if works means that you already have the first user in your db, and you can easily remove it from administration panel and recreate it.

Yes any email. Works fine in local machine but 400 error in production.

Even different email doesn’t work. Server throws 400 error.

Seems that your strapi isn’t connected to Database. Can you verify that?
As strapi can be launched without database connection but it will throw such errors when trying to login/register.

the issues is only for registering new user. other content works fine.

I had a similar (if not the same) error when one of the fields in User had the “required” field checked. Unchecked “required” from the Admin panel and then it worked.