Issue with Media in Strapi Cloud environment

System Information
  • 4.12.5:
  • Windows 11:
  • Postgresql:
  • v18.16.0:
  • v9.5.1:

I have recently started using strapi pro version together with cloud hosting provided by strapi itself

It has been working properly all these days but today unexpectedly the media stopped working on the production version.

Locally everything is working properly, I can upload new image, edit, make api call to get said media
But on the production version on none of the media is working

Basically it seems to be unable to retrieve any images from the instance.

My build/deploys are working properly>
I tried to rollback on a previous version to check whether it might be a code issue, but it is still the same.

I removed and added media again, issue persists
I don’t have any other way to check what might be the inderlying issue.

Ps: my local version on my pc is working properly.