Join Us in Migrating the Strapi Documentation Plugin to v5!

Hello Everyone!

As you might already know, we’ve recently embarked on an exciting phase: migrating Strapi from v4 to v5. A key part of this migration is updating our beloved Documentation Plugin. This plugin is one of the most commonly used in Strapi, essential for API documentation and uses the Swagger-UI and OpenAPI Spec.

It’s not just a tool, it’s the backbone for many of our users in understanding and navigating their Strapi projects. That’s why we are looking for someone with experience in Strapi who would be interested in contributing to v5 by migrating and possibly maintaining the Documentation plugin.

Our plan is to eject this plugin from the main mono-repo into it’s own dedicated repo and we are open to handing off the maintainership to community user if they would like to. If not and you just want to help get it migrated to v5 that’s fine too.

If you are interested feel free to comment below and we can get in touch with you.

The Strapi Team

Would love to do the works for migration and maintenance of the documentation plugin :raised_hand:

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Hey @boaz, would love to join and help. Im not a huge strapi expert, but ive got some experience with it (running v4 in prod and implemented a small “dashboard” plugin for a client), as well as many years of experience of CMS development in general.

Maybe I can support you somewhat.

I will be more than happy to do the work on this

Thank you to you 3, we will reach out to you all. @boaz if you are up to doing it would you mind if we do it within the community org (which would allow others to assist you)?

Hey @DMehaffy @boaz i would love to join in and help, I’ve got a decent grasp of strapi as a whole and would love to collaborate on something like this

I’m currently building a company that specialises in developing Strapi plugins for commercial purposes.
Ideally I would put this project as an open-source repo under that organisation. That would also massively help with visibility for us.

Offcourse we would still encourage collaboration and would accept any help that we get.
As I’ve done with the plugin’s I’m currently maintaining under my private GH account.

If you want to discus the topic please feel free to DM me on Discord.

No problem at all, I don’t see an issue with it but I’ll raise this in our v5 internal call today and let @Yannis_Kadiri know and we can reach out to discuss.