JSON Error While sending post request using postman

I Need to send some json data in strapi backend but getting error, the data is mentioned below
but i got validation Error.
i have already created a field in strapi collection named request_data and its type is json.




"id": 1,

"name": "John Smith",

"position": "Software Engineer",

"department": "Engineering",

"salary": 60000



"id": 2,

"name": "Emily Johnson",

"position": "Marketing Manager",

"department": "Marketing",

"salary": 75000



"id": 3,

"name": "Michael Davis",

"position": "Sales Representative",

"department": "Sales",

"salary": 50000



"id": 4,

"name": "Sarah Thompson",

"position": "HR Specialist",

"department": "Human Resources",

"salary": 55000



"id": 5,

"name": "David Wilson",

"position": "Finance Analyst",

"department": "Finance",

"salary": 65000




@avnish Can you please share the validation error screenshot?