Just a little help with error: insert into `strapi_core_store_settings`

Hi all,

Just want to help a little here. I recently upgraded my strapi backend from 4.0.7 to 4.4.7 (yeah I know it was long over due…). But when I updated I got this message:

error: insert into `strapi_core_store_settings` (`environment`, `key`, `tag`, `type`, `value`)

This was caused by some deprecated packages, so I ran npm audit fix and that helped. But then I got this warining and error:

Warning: node-sqlite3 does not currently support RETURNING clause
Error: Missing apiToken.salt.

I fixed this by installing better-sqlite3 instead of sqlite3, and added this to my ./config/admin.js:

apiToken: {
salt: env(‘API_TOKEN_SALT’, ‘someRandomLongString’),

So this is just a help if you run into the same issue :slight_smile:

Have a good day!

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Thank you very much for posting this!! Lifesaver.