Just soft launched my Strapi+Nuxt web app Lifelog - write towards your goals, everyday

Ending this crummy COVID-filled year with a highlight from my journey of learning coding - my very first SaaS!

Lifelog is a platform to write everyday towards your goals. Having wrote daily for 2 years straight, I’m a big believer in the power of writing to think, plan, imagine and realising your goals. Those who are revving up for a change in 2021 with ambitious goals, start here:

I spent 3 months on this… coding the Strapi functionality bit by bit, being stuck the longest on custom controllers for counting date streaks. Then after solving that, realising I might really have a working product, and then design-developing the writing UI from zero, using Nuxt. I’d not worked this hard on a software product before, but pleased with how much fun I had learning new programming languages/frameworks as I go, and how it turned out in the end.

The best part, I’m making a tool for myself as I continue my daily words after this break. It’s kinda freeing to know that, even if no one else uses this tool, it’ll still be useful to one user (ie me!). But of course, I’m banking on the fact that there’s more folks like me out there who enjoying writing, thinking and achieving. :sunglasses:

My tech stack is Nuxt.js/Vue.js + Bulma on frontend, and of course Strapi on Postgresql database on backend, separately hosted on Heroku.