Learn how to create a Strapi v4 plugin

Hello everyone! Today in this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple plugin with Strapi v4. You will discover the basics of plugin creation, in short, the necessary to allow you to develop the plugin of your dreams.

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Hi! Thank you for this work! Can you explain what is formatMessage func? How can i import this? Or maybe is it a custom function that was not add into article?

Suppose i find it here https://github.com/strapi/strapi-plugin-seo/blob/main/admin/src/components/SeoPage/Info/index.js#L10
But, i still think, code in article still is not properly clear or not full, but @commentsBot thanks!

Hello @Pilot5443 :wave:

Good catch! I mainly use formatMessage to handle localization. This would require also to have the getTrad function but it’s not really necessary here so I’ll remove it from the article.

Youtube series tutorial would be great and there would be a lot more plugins.

Hi ! Thanks for this tutorial, just FYI, there is a typo in this command line (at the beginning of the tutorial) :

# npm
npx create-straOi-app my-project --quickstart

Should be

# npm
npx create-straPi-app my-project --quickstart

Cool tutorial
There are no Plus and Illo imports in the ContentTypesTable component

do I always have to rebuild strapi when I make changes to the plugin?