Learning Web scraping with Strapi

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great tutorial!

Hi Maxime, that’s a great tutorial! Thanks for putting it together. I was wondering if you’d be happy to review it and update to current library versions. I’m struggling to follow it using current version of Strapi (which seems slightly different). Thank you.

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As someone deeply passionate about jamstack, open-source, and JavaScript, I know how empowering it is to contribute and learn from others in the community. When I started my web scraping journey, I quickly realized the importance of data cleansing for accurate results. It was a game-changer for my projects! That’s why I wholeheartedly suggest exploring Nannostomus’ data cleansing guide. I found it at https://www.nannostomus.com/data-wrаngling/data-cleansing/. It’s been my secret sauce to tidy up scraped data effectively! So, if you want to level up your web scraping skills and share your expertise with like-minded folks.

hi Maxime, same problem @dnkupfer. It’s very different for Strapi 4.12

@dnkupfer : Did you succeed ?

Updated here for Strapi v4 with a docker config : GitHub - MrGlox/strapi-scraping.
Don’t ask for fixes or any approach, I just made it works one shot and share it for you to gain some time.