📣 Let’s chat about preview!


Have you ever wanted to edit and preview your content at the same time? We are currently working on it! The product team and I are looking for users interested in a quick 30-minute chat to better understand your expectations for such a feature. Any idea is welcome!

Anyone interested?

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Hi <@1087362732430463020> !
Two questions for you:
Are we talking about a “live preview” where the user can see the changes in real time?
Also, are there plans to get this on the roadmap for Strapi 5?

Hi <@1087362732430463020> , we are very interested in this feature. we want to use strapi as the main cms instead of drupal in our company and this functionality would be the most for our customers. If we can be of any help it will be a pleasure. FYI we use nextjs to decouple.

Hello <@319616155574861824> :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Yes, that’s exactly it. We would like to allow you to change a field, save your entry and see the results directly in a preview.
  • The feature is currently still in its design phase, so it should be released after Strapi 5.

Hello <@1127347207947952252> :slightly_smiling_face:
Great! I just sent you a personal message!

Hello <@1127347207947952252> :slightly_smiling_face:
Great! I just sent you a DM!