License dos and don'ts

Reading strapi/LICENSE at master · strapi/strapi · GitHub I understood strapi is available under MIT Expat License.

Practically I am unsure how to deal with that:

  • Can I use strapi as backend - as it is, without modifications - free of charge and without mentioning on my site that I do so?
  • Do I have to brand my site with a banner like to show I use strapi as backend - or is this optional?
  • in case I write a plugin - do I have to put it on github and make it available open source to everyone?
  • what am I expected to do in my frontend to not to harm the license of strapi?

Thank You!

  • yes absolutely
  • no, there is no requirement, but if you do let us know! We like to share what our users are building (with your permission of course)
  • You do not but we do hope you will! Many in our community have built and will almost certainly build more plugins and it helps the entire ecosystem.
  • Nothing needed :slight_smile:

Thank You thats cool - I was asking for customers I build frontends for.
If it’s about me I will share plugins and put a banner to Your site everywehre!