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I’ve just set up Strapi for the client I’m currently working for. They opted for the enterprise version and it’s all setup and working fine.

Now, they also have in-house developers, and I’m also going to continue working for them for a while so I’m having a local development environment and then there’s also a staging and a dev server for testing in a more production like environment. How does it work with the license now?

Can I use the same license in all those non-production environments to have the exact same code base running everywhere or will I hit “you’re using your key on several instances and it’s been disabled”?

I’m slightly concerned at having differences live and in development, but I doubt they’ll want to pay for a license for every developer who might tweak the models and hooks.

Hello @jmo,
Yes, you can use the same license on multiple environments. The limitation is made per project and not per environment.

Hi @jmo yes sunnyson is correct here our licenses are limited by project, for a single project there is no limit on the number of environments. I would advise caution on who you give the license to however, if you have any private licensing questions you are always welcome to email us at also.

Great, it wasn’t obvious to me and I failed to find resources explaining that. I decided to rather err on the cautious side than risk having the production environment display a message “your license is being used elsewhere and you’re downgraded” and than having to chase after each place where someone might have spun up a dev image for some local testing.

Much nicer being able to have the same code running in all the environments.

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Yup we know that a team of devs on a single project could be one or a thousand and Strapi being self-hosted it doesn’t make sense for us to limit environments. :wink: