Lighthouse score at Nuxtjs Ecommerce starter

I’m new in Strapi, so I decided to use the bootstrapper from: Strapi Nuxt.js E-commerce Starter
Where it uses nuxtjs, tailwindcss, and premade backend roles and other stuff.
I personally like it, however when I check at the frontend side and runs lighthouse on Ubuntu 20.04 with chrome extensions on localhost.

I got this score

Anyone tried to check the score on lighthouse? am I missing something?
I havent changed anything, literally just ran yarn create strapi-starter my-project nuxt-e-commerce and fire off the lighthouse.

I think is totally wrong to test the lighthouse score on this type of pages, they are not meant to be fast but are just demonstrative. If you want to get an idea about how to speed a page to the max there are plenty of tutorials on the internet, e.g this one fond randomly. Please read it to understand what would be just the chapters of what web page optimization means.

Indeed, especially with platforms like Next/Nuxt which are server side generated (statically or dynamically) and there are various ways to increase performance with caching that is impossible or very difficult to do in a test environment.