Limiting Relational options in admin


Is it possible to limit the Relation options in a collection?

For example, I have three collections:

Seasons (one to many with Shows)
Episodes (one to many with Seasons)
Characters (one to many with Shows)
Quotes (one to many with Episodes)

There are many different character names (like “Peter Griffin” and “Homer Simpson”). I want to link Characters to specific Quotes, but I only want the list of characters to contain the characters that are associated with the related show (via the Seasons → Shows relationship).

I’m not sure if my ask makes sense, but is this possible with any kind of customization?

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Can you please share your ./api/*/models/*.settings.json files so I could make some tests locally. You can send them to PM if you want.

Do you want to achieve this when you are fetching the Show?

I believe this relates to something we call conditional relations or parent/child relationships (where one relationship is linked to another).

We don’t have the feature yet but it has been strongly suggested in the past. I would suggest making a feature request on GitHub so we can try to gather some information and add it to our product board roadmap.

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