Link data creation to current authenticated user in Strapi V4

System Information
  • Strapi Version- Starpi V4:
  • Operating System - Windows 10:
  • Database- Mysql:
  • Node Version - v14.15.1:
  • NPM Version-7.5.3:

Hi I have a merchants collection and it is in many to one relationship with user collection, where a user can have multiple merchants, while creating a merchant from frontend, I am using the endpoint : http://localhost:1337/api/merchants with POST method and JWT Bearer…

I would like that each new entry in the Merchants collection be directly linked to the user that created it, via his JWT, but I do not know exactly how to proceed, am I obliged to create a custom function in the Strapi code? or do we have such endpoints which can help in achieving this.

Couldn’t find V4 docs for this scenario, thanks in advance