Link other content in rich text - best practices to avoid broken links?


what is the best way to link between content like articles in rich text?

For example: If I have an article (with title, slug and rich text content), what is the best way to set an link to another article in the rich text content?

I can set it like: [Link-Text](/slug-of-another-article)

But when the slug of this article changes the link brokes.

I don’t know what’s a good solution for this.

Do you have any ideas? The application/frontend is build with nuxt/vuejs.

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I have the same question. Does anyone have an idea?

Hi. I’m a new strapi user, I have the same question. As a developer, I added cross reference for the strapi plugin strapi-plugin-wysiwyg-react-md-editor. More details please visit GitHub - chengyingyuan/strapi-plugin-wysiwyg-react-md-editor .