Linking OAuth account to local account

I have recently added google auth provider to my strapi site. I am using next-auth on a Next.js frontend, and could make it work properly.
But as of now, it’s only possible to login with email addresses that are not already registered through local provider, which can be a hassle for old users that just want to have an easier way of logging in. Now we are catching errors on the frontend side, and letting the user know that “they probably used another login method when they signed up”.

I’ve been investigating this for days, read about a Next.js feature called allowDangerousEmailAccountLinking which didn’t work either, and I don’t even understand why it is insecure, while google provides information on if the email address is verified, so basically the linking can be done if the email is verified.

Is there any plan for adding this feature? or is there any workaround we can try to utilize?
any suggestion or help would be much appreciated.