[Local Plugins] Custom section and links


I’m trying to create my custom section in the menu and put the collection links in it, by using only the local plugin
How is this possible to achieve?

I noticed In beta documentation(Local Plugins) there existed these two properties:

leftMenuLinks: [],
leftMenuSections: [],

But these were removed as I saw in git commits.

Actually what I want to do, is to obtain this view only by modifying the Local Plugin:


  • Create a new section for my Local Plugin
  • Display it’s Collection Type ONLY inside that Section (if I’m gonna have 10 collection types for 10 different plugins that will be insane to make the difference between all of them)

I searched the github issues/discussions/ also in others strapi-plugins-*. But didn’t found any response on that question.

Any idea is highly appreciated!
Thank you.


I need this as well! +1

Hi @sunnyson

We have posted a few answers to this on another thread, maybe this can assist you:

Just a heads up our CPO did mention that we do plan to allow for more control over this, just not currently: Multi Level Collections? - #2 by DMehaffy