Localize components inside a non-localized dynamic zone

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.4.6

I have 2 locales, de and en. I have a collection type page, that has a localized dynamic zone with multiple components. For a new page I fill in English content first, then I select German and click “Fill in from another locale”, which is fine for creating pages.
But when I change the content or add a new component, this component is only added to the currently selected locale, not to the German dynamic zone. I assume this is to allow different layouts depending on the locale. But this makes changes tedious, because content editors have to remember the changes and do them again for all other locales.

When I disable localization of the dynamic zone I get what I want, but then I cannot use translations on the components.

Is there any way to accomplish this, i.e. have localizations on a component level rather than on the dynamic zone? I would like to avoid duplicating fields like title_de and title_en.

@randomjohn Did you figure this out? If yes, how did you get around this issue?

@DMehaffy Any solution? Is this an intentional limitation? I can only localize top level fields, dynamic zone or a component. I haven’t figure how to conditionally localize a component in a dynamic zone or a field inside a component.