Location (Long/Lat) based queries

I need to create a filter for location, such as:

“Show me X with 10 miles” “Show me X with 20 miles”

I am using strapi with a postgres DB and wondering what my best option for this is.

I currently just get the address from the user.

Has anybody had any experience with this and can share their thoughts?

I am looking into integrating PostGIS currently and handling my searches that way.

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@Jack_Holmes, I too am interested in using Strapi with GeoLocation data in Postgres (PostGIS). Happy to share any ideas as I start to deal with this.

@Jack_Holmes @cajazzer Hi there. Have ya’ll made any discoveries with regard to Strapi + Geo/Postgres/PostGIS?

I use geocodio api to get lat long from any address. It’s pretty simple to get lat long then creating a new filter to grab what you want.

Can you elaborate on the filter part? I’m also not sure how I get Strapi to trigger postGIS to reindex the the spatial data when an entry is added/updated.