Login Api - Status 400 - User cannot be found!? 🤔

  • Strapi Version: 4.14.0


Hello guys,

I get a status code 400 (Bad Request) from the login api. What’s the problem here? :thinking:
I’m asking for your help.

Thanks in advance!




I haven’t solved the problem yet, but I’ve made progress. :disguised_face:


Why can’t he find the user? :thinking:




did you change any of the code inside of the users&permissions?

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Many thanks for the quick response! :+1:
Actually not! To debug I deleted my extensions. But I’ll create a new bare project to test for sure if the same issue comes up.

P.S.: I just created a new bare v4.14.0 project. - It worked. I’ll report back as soon as I find the cause. Thank you! :+1:

I know the issue. identiefier for users&permissions is the email not the username

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@Boegie19 Thank you, I found out what was going on. ‘local’ must be entered into the database as ‘provider’.


But unfortunately I can’t find a field where I can enter ‘provider’. Is this a bug? :beetle:

Thanks in advance!

field does not exist in the admin ui since you can’t create new users with it or change it.

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Many thanks for the quick response!
My last question: When I create a new user via Admin, ‘provider’ has the value “null”. Why is “null” the default value here instead of “local”? :thinking:

That is a good question where I don’t know the answer for.

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Maby it is even worth it to open a issue on github about this.

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Good morning, that’s a good suggestion. I just reported the problem. Let’s see what the others write. :coffee: