Looking for a mentor. NextJS 13 + Strapi authentication

While studying and working, I realized, that it is best to study with a person. I want to write my new project using latest versions of NextJs and Strapi and with best practice. I’m willing to pay for step by step coding together and learning in parallel.
Maybe YOU! have already set up authentication with NextJS (next-auth) and know how to set up Strapi to distinguish Men and Women collection types.

What i offer:
I can pay maximum 20$ for hour with Paypal or crypto or with Rubles, if you are from Russia.
What i need:
I have an application where there is a clear distinction between genders. For women, for example, it is mandatory to indicate height, weight, hair color, etc. For men there are other mandatory parameters. Therefore, I decided to create 2 collections types: men and women. Now i need to set up authentication right.
Please contact me in telegram @zloegucci

Better yet, come to our weekday open office hours, we’re in Discord 18.30GMT / 11:30PST.

We can help with any specific issues and you can live code with multiple talented engineers on hand to offer advice or assistance.

Weekday = everyday? 10:00 pm in Moscow?

Hi @tacticSugar PM sent. Please check

Working week, Monday - Friday 21:30 in Moscow