Looking to add instructions and/or placeholder text to fields

Hello there! I’ve used Strapi for an experimental project and am very happy with it. I’d love to start using it on a regular basis. I make a lot of small- to mid-sized websites for local businesses. It is important to me to support instructions for fields. That really helps non-technical users learn the content-authoring with confidence. In Craft CMS I can do both instructions and placeholder text, in addition to default values:

I’ve searched around and not found a way to do this in Strapi. Would it be possible to accomplish this with a plugin?

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Same here.
This forum is pretty quiet huh!

Actually, just found where you can do this
You have to click on ‘Configure the View’ and then the field you want to add the description by

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Hey, @Dan! Thanks! Maybe I’m just slow (I am) but I’m not seeing a way to add descriptions after clicking “Configure the View” and selecting a field. Would you share a screenshot?

Ah, found it. Click on the field itself and you get a popup with description, placeholder, label and a read-only toggle. Thanks!

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O nice, just found it aswell!

After clicking ‘configure the view’ you should see the fields that you have previously created.
You then just click on a field and there will be a Description box.
It feels kind of buried away, or in the wrong place at least!


Agreed does seem quite burried away. Been using Strapi for about 6 months now and never noticed!

Any idea how can have it added via code? at model/schema file.