Make a post request to strapi and add data to a component

I am building an online community with strapi and React.

I am really stuck and seeking for answer .

I created a collection type called blog that has 4 fields

name, email, id, comments.

comments has value a repeatable component that has 4 fields

name, id , img, comment.

below is the datastructure


“blogs” : "[


“name”: “gabriel”,

“_id”: “1”,

“email”: "[myemail]

“comments”: [


"name ": “strapi”,

“id” :1,

"img ": “user1Image”,

“comment”:“I love this blog”



"name ": “node”,

“id” :2,

"img ": “user2Image”,

“comment”:“I want to eat”






I could add data into a comments field manually since its value is a repeatable component , however, how can I make request to allow users to post data on the comments fields above.

I looked strapi docs and it seems like component doesn’t have an endpoint.

I am really stuck please.

any resources that could guide me throughout the solution will be really appreciate

here was my first approache


.post(“http://localhost:1337/blogs/”, {

comments: {


id :“3”,


comment:“strapi is amazing”



.then((response) => {

console.log(“User profile”,;


.catch((error) => {

console.log(“An error occurred:”, error.response);


I also address the issue on github and stackoverflow.

seem like strapi docs is missing things or they might have not thought about building that feature

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Even I am wondering the same. @DMehaffy can you help on this?

Hi @Gabriel-Andy
You can post data to components as a json inside json only,

             "component": {
                   field1: value1,
                   field2: value2