Making Strapi user friendly for casual blog writers

Hey all. We’ve used Strapi in the past to set up sites that integrate blog posts with other functionality.

What we’ve noticed is that less technical, “reluctantly online” people, especially volunteers, find Strapi’s admin UX a bit bewildering by comparison to something like Wordpress which is very familiar to them, and very “bloggy”. The ongoing support requests from these users make us regret having picked Strapi for the task, although it was a breeze to develop with!

What’s your experience of exposing Strapi’s admin panel to less technical users? What solutions have you found to make things feel more familiar? Is there a middleground between configuring Strapi’s admin panel and coding your own blog editor UI? Has anyone already done something like that?

My project, has the same issue. And customizing the forms on the content-manager-plugin is a topic which I strugle to find any resourses. I’m still to dive into this matter on my project. If anyone has already done it. Please shed some light.

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I guess this isn’t a popular usecase for Strapi! @maeva is that right?

All feedback is good to take, whatever the usecase it comes from. We had a lot of feedback lately mentioning Strapi is very tech-oriented and confusing for people with smaller technical background. We’re taking this feedback very seriously and will try to provide a better user experience for everyone in terms of wording, UX and also by helping developers to provide hints and help to their team. Our content experience team within Strapi will start working very very soon on those topics in order to improve experience as much as we can, based on your feedback and insights.

If you can think of anything that would have simplified your usecase on a product or documentation side, feel free to share and be aware that everything will seriously be taken into account for the next improvements :slight_smile:

Also, let me know if I can be of any help on any topic :slight_smile: