Malicious Path Error when running Strapi


When i start my strapi app i get an Malicous Path Error:

error: {status: 400, name: "BadRequestError", message: "Malicious Path"}
message: "Malicious Path"
name: "BadRequestError"
status: 400

My strapi version is: 4.0.7

It first calls the route: with Methodtype OPTIONS and after that it calls the same route as a GET reuest and gets the error above. When i remove the second backslash after the port i get a successfull response. But i cant figure out, why and where this route is called.

Does anyone has an idea? It would be awesome since i am stuck with this problem for a few days…

Here is my question on stackoverflow:

Turned out this wasnt a strapi bug.

Here is an explanation of what my problem was: