Media library appears empty and displays Warning: an error occurred

I just did a new installation in Control Web Panel. After doing all the configuration and starting the application everything works correctly, I can change settings, create new collections, add content to collections, I can even upload files through media libray and they appear in the ./uploads folder but the content does not is displayed, a modal window appears with the message Warning: An error occurred and nothing is displayed. I have even tried to create folders and the process ends with a successful but they are not shown either and when I try to create a folder with the same name again it tells me that this folder already exists. Which means that the content is being uploaded and the entries are being added to the database but the window still does not show anything. The execution prompt does not show any error, in fact it shows the GET request with a 200 correct result. I attach images. Is there any precedent for this or has anyone had this happen before?
Thank you very much in advance.

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.20.2
  • Operating System: alma linux 8
  • Database: mysql
  • Node Version: 18.19.1
  • NPM Version: 10.2.4
  • Yarn Version: N/A

Solution: :face_exhaling:

I solved the problem. Everything was well configured in plugins.js and middelwares.js. The problem was being caused by modsecurity on the server. It is necessary to create a rule or disable modsecurity for that domain and problem solved.